Chelsey Tornow

"Will is not just a personal trainer. He goes above and beyond any personal trainer I’ve ever talked to. He will cater to you in every way you require to be successful. He is always prompt in returning any message, usually within 5 mins. I am completely honored to have learned from the best of the best and I will be implementing a lot of his techniques into my own personal training business. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to take their fitness lifestyle to the next level."

Drake Cogley

"In 2017 I moved to North Carolina and started a new job. At this job, we had yearly physicals. At my second physical, I weighed 297 and my blood pressure was borderline high. Since high school I’d made excuses about working out and didn’t pay attention to what I ate. Stress eating was something I did to make myself feel better. After this physical,I knew there were no more excuses. If I didn't fix this I could end up on medication or have complications that would affect my career. It was at this point, I decided to change.

After my first few months of doing random workouts, I found a trainer to help me with my eating habits. I worked with him for 12 weeks and lost about 50 pounds. I continued the eating habits and workouts that he gave me for a few months after the initial 12 weeks and plateaued in my weight loss.

I knew I needed a serious trainer to help me achieve my goals.This was when I reached out to Kemp. Initially, I was nervous about working with someone completely online. But after my first conversation with him I was excited to start training. Over the past year, I lost 60 pounds. I’ve learned how to have a healthier relationship with food and exercise. Instead of stress eating,the gym is where I go to feel better. I’ve had times that I have struggled over the past year. Kemp has always been there to encourage me. Losing weight is not easy and changing the way you think about food is hard. However the results will always be worth it."

Drew Smith

"William has been nothing short of a great coach. I came to him in April not totally sold on utilizing a coach at the moment, but I am thankful that he convinced me. It was a slow start, forced me to buy a new scale that "added" a few pounds, and there were frustrating parts of the process. However, six months later, I have lost about 25 pounds. If you would have told me at the beginning of the year that I had 25 pounds to lose, I would laugh at you. William has been completely honest with me the entire time, never set unrealistic expectations or tried to build me up more than I needed, and has been a huge encouragement during my small victories throughout the process. William is worth it- plain and simple."

Greg Armstrong

"I started with William in May 2019, bulbous and lethargic after a foot injury the previous November of 2018. I had always dieted around 1750-1800 calories with lots of long distance running thrown in on top of my weight training. This would lead to binge eating on the weekends and being skinny fat. When I got the foot injury instead of skinny fat, I just became fat. When my foot had healed and I started with William, he immediately adjusted my calories up, told me to ditch the running with a couple of walks a week in its place and put together a training program that fit my schedule. Working with him I learned the value of consistency. I didn't need to binge on the weekends because I never felt deprived during the week. I followed his calorie and macro goals and lost the weight slow and steady between the beginning of May and the end of November. If you're looking for a coach with the tools to help you reach your goals without doing anything extreme, William's your guy."

Harrison Burch

"I put off asking for help or getting a coach for so long. There is so much information out there for free but I cannot stress how much my progress and life improved when I finally chose to work with William. The added accountability from someone financially invested in your health and well being is invaluable. Will helped me develop more muscle, a better relationship with food and better body image than I thought I would really ever have. I am so happy I started working with Will. He is a great coach but also a great teacher and a friend. I am incredibly proud of the progress I made so far and I can’t wait to see what working with him can do for me for many more months to come!"

Kellen Stansell

I have to say, if you’ve followed Kemp on social media you’ll know right away that he’s as sarcastic as they come and will always call it how he sees it. On the other side of his sarcasm, there’s two other things that Kemp is: honest and supportive. He will be your number one fan along your journey, answer any questions you may have, and tell you whether information is useful or total bullshit.

My experience with Kemp has been 100% worth it. When I first contacted him, he gave me the rundown of exactly what he provides from a value perspective and from there he gave me time to digest everything without any pressure. Two days later I signed up and we got started.

Since working with him in February, I’ve lost 30 lbs. I’m the most shredded I’ve ever been and it did it without some drastic cut, cookie cutter diet plan, or any ridiculous restrictions. All I’ve done is track my food, practice moderation, and enjoy the methodical process of losing fat. We just got to the end of my cut and are starting a reverse diet into a very long bulk (my plan is at least two years with some mini cuts if needed). With all the success that his coaching brought me during the cut, I’m excited to see what his coaching can do for me to gain muscle.

If you’re on the fence about Kemp’s coaching there are a few things to consider:
• He’ll customize your program based on your goals. Including macros and training plan.
• He will work with you on more than just training and nutrition. He wants to make sure you work on your sleep, hydration, understanding how to have a better relationship with food, and how supplementation can be useful in your diet (only if everything else is on point).
• He’s accessible almost anytime and will respond as quickly as he can.
• He has weekly check-ins to help keep you on track.
• If you’re nervous about online coaching, just remember what I said above (HE’S ACCESSIBLE ALMOST ANYTIME) I.e. if you have a form question - send him a video and he can help you correct it. If you have a question about food (if you’re at a restaurant or someone gave you some food) send him a picture/link of the menu or food you’re considering eating and he will help you track the food! If the food you want doesn’t fit your macros he will help you plan out how to still enjoy that particular food item or find a better solution for you in order to stay on track with your goals.
• The very last thing that you need to consider is that YOU WILL ONLY GET OUT OF HIS COACHING WHAT YOU PUT INTO IT. Remember, he’s just guiding you. It’s up to you to commit, make smart decisions, and take action with the plan that he gives you.

All I can say is 10/10 times I would recommend Kemp to anyone thinking about coaching for nutrition and training purposes!

Michael Mastrucci

"When I first began my journey into health and fitness, Will stood out as one of the most influential and knowledgeable individuals in an industry filled with bro-science, corner-cutting gimmicks, and quick fixes. I’ve spent a good amount of time communicating with Will over the years, whether to ask a simple question or have meaningful conversation, with one thing constant: He’s a genuine and extremely insightful trainer that gives his respect and attention, whether you’re a client or not.

I’ve been fortunate enough not only to get daily advice from Will, but also to become one of his clients. His approach to balancing a healthy lifestyle of nutrition and training is practical, optimal, and completely beneficial. I respect that he treats everyone with respect and realism, even if that means handing out harder-hitting truths to avoid beating around the bush with the “everyone gets an A for effort” approach to his clientele. And let’s be honest, we all need to get knocked down a little at times to grow stronger, and Will’s damn good at what he’s passionate about: Helping people.

As a Type-1 Diabetic I’ve always been worried about working with a trainer. While a balanced diet and proper training routine can be easily applied with basic principles, the process of fat loss, muscle growth, and recovery are all more complicated for diabetes. The thing is, Will doesn’t just provide me with those basic and effective principles to help me attain my goals. His attention to detail regarding my health as a diabetic is always his top priority, ensuring that everything in and out of the gym is conducive to managing my condition.

Calling him a cut above the rest, a diamond in the rough, or anything related would be doing him a disservice. Will is an amazing trainer and individual that I would absolutely recommend working with."

Michael Sands

"I was skeptical about the whole online coaching thing but working with Will was one of the best decisions I've made. This guy knows his stuff. I worked with him for 4 months and lost 25lbs while still getting stronger. He was always available when I needed him, whether it be a diet question or form advice on an exercise. The experience was well worth it. I highly recommend working with him."

Mike Cheatham

"William is a great guy to work with. He took my personal stats, created a customized nutritional plan that was suited for a cut and designed a training program based on my goals. Once that was in place Willam has been working with me daily to get my lifting form corrected through videos I send him. My progress has been awesome and consistent, something I could not achieve on my own for the past 2 years."

Philip Cottone

"My experience working with Will has been life changing. Sure, I know what you’re thinking - that’s what everyone says…maybe, but I can honestly tell you beyond a glimmer of doubt that this man has changed my life forever - “forever” being the key word here folks. What I’ve received from Will over the last 9 months has been nothing short of a full on master class in training and nutrition. I’ve read that if you really want to accomplish something, educate yourself, have a goal with defined benchmarks, track your progress, and most importantly enlist the help of someone who knows more than you and can guide you along the way. So that’s what I did - and with Will you will get all that and then some.

I hit a point in my life where I was not happy with who I saw in the mirror, both physically and mentally. I knew I needed to make a change. It was not who, deep down, I knew I was and wanted to be. The work that I’ve done with Will has not only changed my body but it’s changed my mind - the way I approach any hurdle in my personal and professional life. Changing your body will as a result change your mind.

I started working with Will, literally, at the start of a national pandemic. The gyms were shutting down, you couldn’t go out of your home, my kids were out of school and had to be home schooled virtually - literal shit show - every monkey wrench possible was being thrown at me, almost mocking me as if to say, “oh you think you can do this, ok well here try it now - oh you’re still doing it, well here now try”…it was absurd - but a challenge - and I’ve always loved a challenge - but I could not have weathered the storm without Will’s help. The education I’ve received from him on training and nutrition is something I will have for the rest of my life.

Will could not make the process easier (on his end) - the hard part is on you, just DO IT. Don’t make excuses, just listen to the man and DO IT. Listen, we all know, there will ALWAYS be an excuse but knowing that you have Will on your side to help you and be accountable to hopefully will give you the extra support you need to push that excuse aside and keep your eyes on the prize…it did for me.

Having someone like Will always just a text away is something that I don’t think you can get anywhere else. Literally I’ve texted him sitting out at a restaurant, not knowing what to do, or what to order so that I don’t completely de rail all my progress, and he has gotten back to me with great options that keep me on track while not making me feel like I have to make a “weirdo order" while I”m out with friends or family.

If you are even thinking about working with Will just do it. DO IT. It’s the best decision you’ll ever make. I know it was for me."

Steven Perkins

"The best parts about working with Will is the accountability he provides, as well as he's ALWAYS there for whatever you need and he's super easy to talk to. It's been a great learning experience working with him. Just knowing he's there monitoring my progress and holding me accountable for my diet and training has been the extra push I needed to achieve the results I desired. Now I know all of this is attainable on my own, thanks to all of the knowledge I've gained by working with Will!"

Tish Schaefer

"Working with Will has been a roller coaster. As someone with a strong personality, it was difficult to trust someone with my physique, someone who didn't know me at all. During this experience, I've been frustrated, I've been impatient and overall, and I’ve seen growth. To say that Will knows what he is doing is an understatement. Coming out of a "bulk" is difficult for anyone, but the discomfort of weight gain is even harder for women. When I started with Will, he knew exactly where to start me, exactly when to switch things up and exactly what my body would thrive on. My macros were spot on, my body recomposition was TO DIE FOR and I feel more confident in myself in and out of the gym. Will is more than a coach, he has become a friend. His no bull shit attitude but gentle heart is exactly what anyone looking to grow should invest in."

Zack DeAngelis

"Working with Will has been one of the most positive and impactful choices I have made in my life over the past year. I have been working with Will since May of 2018, and in that time, I have seen such an amazing and drastic improvement in my body composition and overall well-being. My body fat percentage and weight are sitting MUCH lower than when I started, and my strength and size has noticeably increased in such a short time.

To put that in perspective, let me explain what my situation was like before working with Will. Starting in high school, I became extremely interested in fitness and health. I was overweight, read a few books, and then lost a majority of my “baby fat.” It sounds great! I had finally lost weight. However, I had no muscle tone. So I researched a few more things and got in fantastic shape. This, coupled with athletics, allowed me to perform well enough to receive a Division I football scholarship. Unfortunately, my first year in school I tore my hip labrum. Instead of getting surgery, I decided to no longer play football and bypassed the surgery. I became out of shape from the injury and was just simply lost. I had tried the previous things I did before to get in shape, but they weren’t working. I chose to find some outside help.

After looking for weeks on social media (Instagram) and weeding out the awful excuses for people who think they’re fitness coaches, I found Will and a few other coaches that knew what they were talking about. I asked around, and Will had the best personality / reasonable price point out of any of them. We got started right away and haven’t looked back since.

I used to have constant hip and back pain from deep squatting with my torn labrum, but with Will’s well-rounded programming, I haven’t felt that pain IN MONTHS. The main reason is that Will makes sure to always stay in contact with me and does whatever he can to make sure to answer any questions I have. This consistent contact has led to me sending him constant form videos over the past several months and slowly progressing and fixing my form. There will always be hiccups when working strictly online, such as miscommunication, but my form has improved DRASTICALLY thanks to Will. Deadlifts, squats, core workouts, calf workouts, etc., I have seen every part of my body improve thanks to the changes Will has made in my routine. I used to gruel through deadlifts, and now I enjoy and look forward to them (still really hate squats though).

It doesn’t just stop at lifting; Will has a great knowledge of nutrition. I feel like all, or most of my micronutrient needs are being met. Currently, Will has me supplementing with a superfoods combo, multi-vitamin, fish oil, turmeric, and black pepper. The first three help fill the gaps in my diet and my favorite, the turmeric, drastically cuts down on inflammation, which has all but erased my daily hip/surgically repaired arthritis finger pain. Adding the black pepper to my morning superfoods combo and heavy meal combos have mostly eliminated the gastric distress that I previously had, and I feel has helped my metabolism and absorption.

To add to that, I struggle with chronic GERD, specifically from dairy products. I discussed this with Will and told me to take a week or two off of dairy and then SLOWLY re-introduce it into my diet. Sure enough, my episodes of GERD with dairy products have also decreased, and I can enjoy dairy again.

This is turning into a novel, but I need to touch on one more thing. What makes Will stand out from the rest is his personality and realness. Working with him has made me realize that I am doing this FOR ME and no one else. I have messed up on my diet several times and thought it would be the end. Will assured me that my hiccups were just that, hiccups. Those hiccups are all part of a lifestyle of balance and moderation. I am healthier and happier than I have been in a while and my self-confidence has increased dramatically. I enjoy donuts from time to time, drink occasionally, and feel amazing doing it. The best part is, I see my numbers on the scale and calipers stay consistent in one direction WHILE DOING THOSE THINGS. I’m able to go out on dates and have hardly any fluctuation in the scale. To me, that is why working with Will is the right choice. It’s not just about getting your body right, it’s about getting your body and lifestyle to supplement one another. If your motivated, I highly recommend working with Will and learning from him. Truly a great guy and a great coach."

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